Memories of my insurance career written from the rocking chair of my California nursing home.

Life passes fast, I still remember sitting in my insurance office harassing my 23 employees, now here I am sitting in the old age home rocking chair eating mothballs. Staring at the ceiling gets a little boring so I decided to to put up this site. I heard that there is this new thing called internet, my grandson visits me in the nursing home and helps me put up my writing, of course using a little incentive.

I wish I could still be selling insurance, with all these new insurance products coming out it would be nice big game. Who would of thought they would come out with life settlements or the ability to finance your life insurance premiums. What a joke, people are getting free life insurance. Buy a life policy get the premiums financed and then sell it, no one would get away with it in my days. Here is a Premium Finance site I found that works out the premium financing, they seem to be a reputable company.

I used to sell a lot of insurance, I even did some life insurance and car insurance deals internationally. When I worked overseas I would often pair up with this company in England. I can not say that I sold hundreds of oversea policies but I sold an adequate amount. When I say adequate, I mean a lot more than the merchant next door that sold two pairs of shoes a week. The poor guys business was so slow the only source of revenue that guy saw in the whole time I knew of him was from the business financing he managed to renew every six months; poor guy really!

Weather in California is similar but slightly different then the way it was in Florida. After being Florida's leading health insurance broker for over 50 years, my kids want to take over the Insurance brokerage so they deport me to this California nursing home. Nursing homes all smell like mothballs but some how I got in to a good one. If a grumpy man like me can compliment something it must be real. My son runs an Adult Care placement service, he is one of the good ones not the ones who sent me out from Florida. He placed me in the cleanest and most comfortable nursing home in California. They in fact just replaced all their windows with a Los Angeles remodeling company.

Hay kids you think you can sell insurance, you should have seen me in action haranguing those people again and again until I had their policy signed. When these Film Insurance policies came out, I sold them by the dozen. Get me out of this old age home and watch me become the top agent for the new producer insurance plans. Now that I am stuck in an Adult Home in middle of California you are just going to have to buy a Film Insurance policy from my son Bob.

I just started collecting paraiba tourmalines, boy are those things expensive. Years ago I even wrote some policies on the gemstones when they first came out. I never thought that I would own one of these blue gemstones. Now I actually own two of paraibas, they are by far the most valuable thing in my dresser. Ok they are both under a half a carat but hey they are still paraiba's. Take a look at my paraiba tourmaline collection.

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